The Artist with the Head of a Detroit Tiger
Michael Keropian was born in 1959 in Hartford, Connecticut. From a young age he was inspired to draw. Without any formal training, he began painting in oils, creating architectural models from cardboard and working in clay. He had always admired Classical Greek Sculpture and in 1978, after a tour of the unique antique cast collection at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, he applied and was accepted. He soon was offered two working scholarships to the Academy; manager of the darkroom (teaching both instructors and students darkroom techniques), and monitor of the carving annex. While majoring in sculpture, he helped create a cast restoration project, restoring the Academy's neglected collection of antique plaster casts. He also worked as a conservator and on a sculpture and painting rigging crew for the P.A.F.A. Museum and in city.

In 1984, He created a medal of Chief Justice Earl Warren, and worked on several commissions for private estates. In order to learn more about sculptural technique and to provide some income, he worked for the Olde Philadelphia Marble Works, and was made foreman of sculpture; restoring marble sculptures, fabricating counter tops and laying tile in the Philadelphia area.

In 1986, he moved to the Hudson Valley Region in New York, and was offered a position at the Tallix Sculpture Foundry, where he dedicated his service to the many sculptors that came to the foundry; enlarging, restoring and moldmaking their projects. In the late eighties, he was asked to create a medal for the Jacksonville Jaguar Football Team, and began teaching sculpture both privately, and in adult education institutions in New York and Connecticut area. He also started Keropian Sculpture LLC, which provides a wide range of sculptural services.

Mr. Jason Edward Kaufman; art historian, writes;" You are of the dying breed who know sculpture from the quarry to the foundry, and beyond... Throughout the history of art, execution has often been detached from invention. But when one thinks of Michelangelo, or Bernini, one notes that this was not always the case.

Mr. Keropian taught at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, in New York City for eleven years where he taught sculpture and created a number of anatomy sculptures for donation to educational institutions in the Northeast. He restored Houdon's L'Ecorche (flayed-man) for the National Academy of Design. He taught drawing and sculpture at ArtLife Studios in Port Chester for ten years, and currently teaches privately and at Arts on the Lake in Lake Carmel, New York.

He is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, and is the Sculpture Chairperson for the Hudson Valley Art Association. He has also been a Kayak Guide and Coach for over 16 years for Atlantic Kayak Tours.

In 2000, he was commissioned to create nine heroic-sized tigers for the new stadium of the Detroit Tigers; Comerica Park.

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