Sachem Daniel Nimham (1726- 1778) was a Wappinger Native American and one of America's first veterans who lived in and around Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester Counties in New York State.

The family name of "Nimham" is on numerous land deeds and in local history books. Daniel's pursuit to reclaim the lost lands of his people from the land grabbers is well recorded, and after an unsuccessful visit to England in 1766 to reclaim the lost lands, he volunteered to serve on the continental side in the war against England. He and his son Abraham (1745- 1778) died in the Battle of Kingsbridge now in Van Cortland Park Area of the Bronx, NY.

This sculptural tribute symbolizes Nimham's duel roll during his life. His dedication to his people as the last sachem of the Wappingers in court and on the battlefield.

Thanks to digital technology the 10 inch sculpture model was placed into the proposed site location in the Town of Kent, NY. The image depicts the sculpture at approximately twelve-feet tall in front of the Kent Town Center.

We are currently looking for intrerested people to help with fundraising!

Please contact the Nimham Statue Fund, Kent Historical Society, Carmel, NY.

Kent Historical Society

12-foot tall digital rendering: View driving out of the Kent Town Center. Lake Carmel Fire House across Rte. 52.
Backview showing war axe, bow & arrows, and deeds. These objects or symbols help describe Nimham's life and his incredible dedication and sacrifice to his people and the country he eventually died fighting for.
We are seeking donations and sponsorship that will enable the creation of this lasting tribute to one of America's first veterans.

To give a donation send a check to: Kent Historical Society, Nimham Statue Fund, Box 123, Carmel, New York 10512

As a premium for giving a sizable donation, the sculptor is offering bonded bronze and bronze casts of the 10 inch model in limited edition.

More information by contacting the sculptor.

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