Nimham Sculpture Project gets some news! The Town Board of Kent have given the Go-Ahead to place the 12-foot statue on the Town Center property.

There are numerous physical descriptions of the Wappinger Indians but nothing specfic about the Nimham's. While researching, I thought if I could find some physical evidence of this it would aid in my reconstruction of Daniel Nimham. This quest eventually led me to a collection of about 15000 Native American Crania at the Smithsonian Institute in DC, at which spent the whole day measuring, photographing and comparing these skulls with other native skulls found throughout North America. In conclusion, it was quite evident that the basic crania structures of the natives in the northeast were uniquely different than their brothers in the west. The crania tend to be slightly larger and with a more squared off European feel.

I also relied on an intuitiveness and spiritual inspiration, basically keeping an open mind when creating my work. I spent some time researching the genealogy of the Nimham's and contacting the Oneidas in Wisconsin, New York and S. Ontario. I added information about the sculptural project hoping to gather any information and interest. In July 2005 I received the following letter (shortened version) from a descendant.

"Shekoli Mr. Keropian

My name is Matt Ireland, I am a member of the Oneida Nation in the Wolf Clan. I am a direct descendant of Daniel Nimham. Apparently, Daniel's son Abraham fathered a child named Henry. Henry was made an Oneida chief in 1804... Dorothy is my father's mother, and my next door neighbour. I've shown your sculpture to her and her sisters as well as a few other descendants of Daniel Nimham. The common theme they all argee on is: " He looks like a Ninham...Especially the nose".

You may have noticed that the Oneidas don't use the "M" when referring to the Nimham Family. Our language (which was spoken by the majority of our people until about 1965) does not have any phonemics to support the "m" sound. It is possible to add it at the end, but in medial use, it's very difficult. That's likely why we somehow gravitated to the use of the "Ninham" spelling.

So in the end, from my family to you. You've done a great job. Right down to the Oneida style moccasins and broad bow...Again, thank you very much for sharing your work and pictures with us. We are all very curious about how it's coming along, and some would like to be there for the unveiling.

With Kind Regards,

Matt Ireland

I also rely on my intuitiveness

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