Sculpting in Relief
Creating a Bas-Relief Sculpture
The pattern was cut-out of 3/4 inch plywood in the shape of the crest, enlarging it proportionally to the requested size. I then began drawing the relief onto the plywood altering, adjusting and modifying the design as the client wished. Plastilina was then applied to the board following the drawing.
As the plastilina is applied I focus mainly on covering the board, but start adjusting the depth slowly by building up areas that would naturally be higher. and concentrate on not losing my original drawing beneath the clay when applying the clay.
Now that most of the drawing is covered, more focus is spent on building the depth of the relief. Pronouncing certain low areas of the relief will dictate how much the higher areas will need to be built up. Some of this is personal taste, yet it is very dependent upon the light source on the surface of the relief and what lighting will be on the finished work.

To quote Sculptor Daniel Chester French: "Sculpture is at the Mercy of Light" ...and relief sculpture is even more dependent upon it.

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