This page will show and explain some the process of making the Zappa Memorial Sculpture. Since most people only see the finished statue, you may be surprised at all the work that goes into creating a sculpture.
I chose to make a fiberglass epoxy cast of the four foot Frank Zappa Model before proceeding with the base of the sculpture. The material is much more durable than clay and will make it easier for me to fabricate the base without worrying about the clay figure. However, I will have to make a mold before I can make an epoxy cast. Once the mold is made, the clay figure will be ruined. So there's no turning back!
Click on the following thumbnails for a better explanation and larger photos of the process.
The Rubber Paint Mold
Chop and Divide
The Slime
Keys and Trimming
Opening Mold and Casting Epoxy Sculpture
Mold Finshed and Opened
Fiberglass and Epoxy Lay-up
Open Mold Reveiling Epoxy Cast
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Epoxy Cast in Sections
Next Step: Assembly and Chaising the Zappa Epoxy Cast
More progress photos to come!
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